Machine Gun Memorabilia: V23N4

By Robert G. Segel

World War I-era trench art mess kit lid. Engraved and embossed with the insignia of the “AA” (All-American) “82nd” (Division) with etching of “E co. 320th MG” (E Company, 320th Machine Gun Battalion). Further artwork shows a U.S. Doughboy (with U.S. etched on his canteen cover) firing a Browning Model of 1917 water-cooled machine gun behind sand bags. The 320th Machine Gun Battalion of the 82nd Division fought in the St. Mihiel, Meuse Argonne and Defense Sector during World War I.

Australian First Armoured Car Regiment (1930-1942). Brass collar badge with King’s crown atop wreath with armoured car to center with Vickers machine gun turret. Motto banner below reads, “Celere Exploratu” (Rapid Explorer). Pin Back.

World War I British officer’s trench whistle with placard attached with “M.G.C 2” (2nd Battalion Machine Gun Corps). Typical whistle used to advance troops “over the top.” Maker-marked “The Acme City Whistle Patent.” Along the top reads, “Hudsons Patent 5727-08” (for two-piece top) with lanyard loop. J. Hudson & Company was founded in the 1870s, and Acme is the world’s largest and most famous producers of whistles headquartered in the Jewelry Quarter district in Birmingham, England. Hudson was the largest whistle manufacturer for the British Empire police, military, sports, railways and many other uses. (This company made the whistles that were used by the crew on board the ill-fated Titanic in 1912.)

French 9th Machine Gun Battalion badge. Two-piece construction with gold gilt flaming ordnance bomb with “9e” over shield with “BM” (Battalion Mitrailleurs—Machine Gun Battalion) in blue lettering with red stripes. It is attached to a white metal circle of machine gun bullets with crossed Hotchkiss M1914 machine guns. Maker information marked on rear: “Drago. Paris 25 Rue Beranger.” Pin Back.

Japanese veteran’s commemorative sake cup tray (obon). Lacquered (urushi) World War II (China occupation era) black background with silver image of pine tree for long life, army star and gold Type 11 light machine gun. Kanji at top reads, “Triumphant Return.” Reverse has name in kanji “Kikugawa.” 8.25x8 inches.

Italian World War II sleeve shield. Black shirt (Fascist) machine gun proficiency badge....

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V23N4 (April 2019)
and was posted online on February 22, 2019


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Machine gun “bullets”? Did you perhaps mean “cartridges“?

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