Remington Defense: Big Green Is Back

By Todd Burgreen

Sometimes being at the right place at the right time leads us to discovering/exploring something we have not had opportunity to consider before. My experience to date with “Big Green” Remington Outdoor Company has been quite limited. This is speaking in terms of either Remington Defense or Remington Commercial. So, when the opportunity to attend a Remington Defense demonstration event in Utah presented itself, it was seized upon quickly.

Remington Strategy

Remington Outdoor has been in the news recently since emerging from a short-lived bankruptcy with new CEO Anthony Acitelli who was appointed to charter a new course. The new leadership team under Acitelli has been forthright in addressing previous shortcomings. The previous political environment had created a situation where marketing focused on AR/MSR rifles and 9mm handguns. Frankly, Remington lost its way in not listening to customers and supposed they could dictate desire. This view proved obviously skewed and resulted in difficulties leading to bankruptcy.

There is a new way of doing business at Remington Outdoor which focuses on a dealer-centric approach combined with pooling the strengths of both the Defense and Commercial Divisions to reinforce each other. This allows for a more flexible approach and overall healthier company. Brands such as AAC, DPMS, Bushmaster and Barnes will be maximized for a more horizontal approach to the firearms/outdoor market with ammunition, sporting rifles/shotguns, MSRs, handguns, precision sniping rifles, tactical shotguns, AR-15/-10 fighting carbines, suppressors, et al.

Barnes Bullets Manufacturing

The evidence of this was front and center on the first day of the Utah trip with a visit to Barnes Bullets manufacturing facility in Mona. Barnes has been an industry leader in monolithic copper bullets from the beginning. Barnes was acquired by Remington in 2009. Remington’s new approach seeks to expand Barnes’ role across the board with their bullets incorporated into Remington-branded ammunition as well as expanding its OEM presence with other ammunition companies. Barnes is also expanding both its bullet components and loaded ammunition offerings. This should be no surprise considering Remington CEO Acitelli’s 2002-13 tenure at ATK involving Federal Premium and other ATK ammunition brands....

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V23N3 (March 2019)
and was posted online on February 1, 2019


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