Machine Gun Memorabilia: V23N2

By Robert G. Segel

German veteran’s machine gunners interwar reunion table hanging banner inscribed and embroidered on both sides. One side show a three-man crew with a Maxim machine gun on sled mount with Z.F. 12 optical sight with inscription in German (approximate translation: Former members of the Bavarian machine gun squad Nuremberg). The reverse side shows Bavaria Coat of Arms (upper left), Germany Coat of Arms (upper right), Nuremberg Lesser Coat of Arms (lower left) and Nuremberg Greater Coat of Arms (lower right) with the swastika added to the top. It is inscribed in German (approximate translation: Dedicated by the women of the club members 1923–1933). Handmade embroidery and stitching. This World War I Nuremberg raised unit had a reunion five years after the war in 1923. (See large wall flag commemorating that reunion in Small Arms Review, Dec. 2018, Vol. 22, No. 10, p. 89.) Ten years later in 1933, the Nuremberg machine gun veterans had another reunion for which this table banner was created. Measures 9 inches square, excluding the gold bullion fringe.

Boer War era (1899–1902) slouch hat badge for the De Beers Maxim Detachment. The De Beers diamond mines used Maxim machine guns to protect the diamond mines during the war. Two lugs to the rear.

Pair of left and right Canadian formation patches for the 2nd Division. Machine Gun officer’s dark blue wool battle flashes with applied red cranberry wool felt arrows and gilt bullion embroidered officer’s “CII” cipher for the 2nd Canadian Division. Worn on the sleeve.

Heavily carved hinged lid souvenir trinket box with various dragons, flowers and Chinese style motifs on top and all sides. In the center of the lid is the insignia of the king’s crown over crossed Vickers with “Machine Gun Corps” banner below. Inside lid also heavily carved with monogram in center “HMD.” Acquired in North Scotland; veteran was a member of the Seaforth Highlanders. “HMD” could be person’s initials or possible Highland Machine Gun Detachment. Due to Chinese motif, could be from Shanghai Volunteer Corps service or from Hong Kong.

Finnish machine gunner’s unit bracelet. Silver and enameled...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V23N2 (February 2019)
and was posted online on December 14, 2018


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