SIG SAUER Academy Mid-Range Carbine Course

By Miles Vining

Can Your Rifle Go the Distance?

There are a number of shooters and instructors who say that many of the current 5.56x45mm carbines on the market aren’t being used to their full capacity. Of course, being proficient with an AR-15 that has a 16-inch barrel at distances of 25 meters is extremely important. It lends itself well to realistic home defense situations, and this is where the majority of law enforcement encounters take place. But why stop there, especially for law enforcement? If an active threat can be stopped from a distance, then why not train for that situation given that the weapon systems being employed can absolutely reach out to ranges of 100-300 meters with quality optics, ammunition and most importantly the training?

The SIG SAUER Academy’s answer to this is the Mid-Range Carbine Course offered by the Epping, New Hampshire-based training school. The skill building course is an onsite offering through the Academy where it is run on part of a complex situated over 10 acres of live-fire and simulation training ranges for the armed citizen or a member of law enforcement or the military. In addition to Mid-Range Carbine, there are a vast amount of courses offered, ranging from CQB tactics with handguns and rifles to long-range precision marksmanship. Most are 1-day courses, but there are a few that run several days due to the length and topics covered.

The Mid-Range Carbine Course initially began due to a rising interest across the industry from both a civilian marksmanship and a law enforcement perspective to push the capabilities of personally owned and department rifles when it comes to shooting from 100-300 meters. The course also requires a more refined understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship when that range increases. As one instructor put it, everyone is a sniper at 25 meters and in.

The course started with our instructors (full-time SIG SAUER Academy staff), Dillon Kenneson (Lead) and Colin Murphy (Assistant), discussing the difference between some of the trajectories we were going to see in the course and most importantly which range...

This article first appeared in Small Arms Review V23N2 (February 2019)
and was posted online on December 14, 2018


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