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Chris A. Choat

A Solemn Commemoration on the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War by Judith Lappin
SIG C3 Compact 1911 .45 by R.K. Campbell
The San Tan Tactical Ambidextrous Lower Receiver by Christopher R. Bartocci
Springfield’s Mil-Spec by R.K. Campbell
Desert Tech MDR Bullpup by Dean Roxby
China’s Exclusive Canadian Export: Emei Type 97NSR Semiautomatic Bullpup Rifle by J.M. Ramos
The AMD 5.56 Carbine by Jean Huon
Canada Upgrades the Vz.58 Combat Rifle by J.M. Ramos
Spain’s Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica) by Félix A. Alejos Cutuli
Smith and Wesson E Class 1911 Handgun by R.K. Campbell
The Smith & Wesson Light Rifle Model 1940 by Michael Heidler
AR-15 MaxRail from Suburban Machinery, Inc. by Thomas Murphy
Taurus CT556 5.56x45mm Carbine by Ronaldo Olive
Mad About Mortars: Radically Revolutionizing your Golf Game by Will Dabbs, MD
The Hyde Submachine Gun (Cal. .30 Carbine) by Michael Heidler
Seekins Precision: The SPRO3G and Other High Quality Products Black Rifle Products by Christopher R. Bartocci
Early Fábrica de Itajubá SMG Design by Ronaldo Olive
Nordic AR22: The Ultimate Tactical Platform for the 10/22 by J.M. Ramos
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